The Ready-Set-GO! English Picture Book Reading Club website is for teachers and parents. I have used these materials and this format in Japanese kindergartens to help parents read English picture books to their children. Doing this as a club means that every family needs to buy only one book, but is able to share the books that the other club members buy, too. And everyone gets to share in the fun of reading picture books with their friends.
I hope you'll give it a try!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

the Booklist

This is a very important step in beginning the BRC. I have prepared a booklist on amazon.co.jp. You can access it here. There are now about 30 books on the list that have been used in my local BRCs. You can certainly choose your own, or add to the list by choosing similar books.
The one point we learned is that the mothers need VERY SIMPLE books- one sentence on a page is about right. We tried popular Japanese titles written in English, but these tended to be too difficult.
Before the Orientation Meeting I printed out the booklist from Amazon, stapled the pages together, and then asked the mothers to circle a book and write their name next to it. If the BRC group was large, buying more than one of the same popular book was OK.
No one ever volunteered, so I ordered the books myself from Amazon.

I have prepared a booklist on Amazon.co.jp. You'll need an account to purchase through Amazon--but please support my effort by buying through the linked page!