The Ready-Set-GO! English Picture Book Reading Club website is for teachers and parents. I have used these materials and this format in Japanese kindergartens to help parents read English picture books to their children. Doing this as a club means that every family needs to buy only one book, but is able to share the books that the other club members buy, too. And everyone gets to share in the fun of reading picture books with their friends.
I hope you'll give it a try!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Notes for Success

Initiating the purchase of the books early was important, as delivery of some books was usually delayed, and this held up an orderly beginning to the book exchange. The book exchange itself was usually the biggest challenge- the biggest asset here was a strong leader in the BRC who wasn’t afraid to ...be a leader.

Because I work for a company of teachers, I had access to a variety of storyboards in English. There are some storyboards available online, and most local libraries have scores of them in Japanese (this is how I first got started- writing out the words to Momotaro in English). I have since made some of my own storyboards, and you can download them by clicking on the links in the next post. As I get time, I will make the Karuta prints to go with these, and post these also.

Young students are naturally challenged when asked to sit and focus for long periods of time. Being aware of this, and watching for signs of restlessness, will tell you when the kids need to get up and shake it. Varying the tempo of the activities in the classes of young students will help you to keep them involved and focused without undue strain on you or them!
See this post for ideas...