The Ready-Set-GO! English Picture Book Reading Club website is for teachers and parents. I have used these materials and this format in Japanese kindergartens to help parents read English picture books to their children. Doing this as a club means that every family needs to buy only one book, but is able to share the books that the other club members buy, too. And everyone gets to share in the fun of reading picture books with their friends.
I hope you'll give it a try!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The BRC, briefly...

Briefly, the BRCs work like this:
-Provide a booklist for parents to each choose 1 picture book to purchase (I did the purchasing through amazon.co.jp).
-With cards cut from heavy paper provided by the kindergartens, each family was asked to make 16 paired picture cards (32 total) using vocabulary from the book they purchased (to play Memory/しんけすいじゃく and other games); these cards are to remain together with each book.
-Schedule and lead 1 Orientation Meeting (to get the book purchasing going and outline the Club plan), and also 4 regular meetings during the school year.
-Choose a pair of leaders to facilitate communication and to administer the club membership.
-And last, but most importantly, create a Book Exchange: On a regular schedule, families exchange the book & cards they have at home with another member in the club. See more about this here.