The Ready-Set-GO! English Picture Book Reading Club website is for teachers and parents. I have used these materials and this format in Japanese kindergartens to help parents read English picture books to their children. Doing this as a club means that every family needs to buy only one book, but is able to share the books that the other club members buy, too. And everyone gets to share in the fun of reading picture books with their friends.
I hope you'll give it a try!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Book Exchange

Making the Book Exchange work is key to the success of the overall goals of the Book Reading Club. Having a strong leader is perhaps most important; this person makes sure it gets done in your absence.
My experience taught me that these points will help the Book Exchange to be successful:
  • Choosing the same day every month, the 1st & 3rd Wednesday for example, is the easiest way for everyone to remember.
  • Try to have enough Book Exchanges so that all of the books can rotate completely at least once during the year. For smaller clubs, having the books rotate twice is the perfect way for the kids to review what they've already learned.
  • Also, making a numbered list of members, and always receiving or giving your book to the members before and after you on the list, was the most trouble-free. For example, member #12 always gets a book from #11, and always gives the book they have to member #13.
If you are lucky enough to get a strong leader, be open to their ideas. The above points worked in some of my clubs, but in others the leader took the ball and ran with it and everything worked out fine.